You only make a breakthrough once. The documentary ”KIDD LIFE” by Andreas Johnsen is about the phenomenon and human being Nicholas Westwood Kidd, or simply Kidd. The camera follows his ups and downs while, faster than a rocket, he becomes a household name, shocks the music industry and divides the public debate.
“KIDD LIFE” is a universal story about a young man in his early twenties looking for answers. He is trying to figure out who he is and how to interact with other people in life. Overnight he becomes a superstar and the gigantic success is impossible to handle. The film is a tribute to youth in general and to a generation who do whatever their guts tell them to do. But it´s also a scary story about the digital era in which the price of fame might have unexpected consequences. The media burst into self-oscillation, even live-streaming Kidd's Twitter-account. And on top of it all the Danish Prime Minister wants his autograph. In one year Kidd experiences what established artists scarcely experience during their career. He and his friends create the record label Cheff Records and they produce, release and distribute their own music. They are young, naïve and completely unbeatable. Kidd gives the music industry the middle finger and scares the hell out of them. But the question is, does he lose himself and ends up as a piece in an absurd media puzzle?
International title: KIDD LIFE Danish title: KIDD LIFE Genre: Documentary Duration: 97 minutes Versions: English. Danish Screening format: DCP / Blu-ray Original format: HD